Frequently Asked Questions

1 - My Remote Does Not Work?

Always Use Fresh New Batteries and Make Sure They Are Inserted Properly Making Sure The Batteries Seat Properly, Sometimes They Need A Final Push In To Seat Properly. Also, Credit Card Style Remotes That Require A Coin Type Battery Will Need Extra Attention When Installing The Battery, Make Sure Your Are Using The Correct Size Battery And It Can Be Very Easy Installing The Battery Upside Down. Most Remotes Are Infrared Which Require A Clear Line Of Sight To Work, If The Are Any Obstacles Between The Transmitter On The Remote And The Receiver On The Device Being Controlled It Will Not Work. Keeping The Area Free Of Obstacles And Periodically Cleaning Both The Transmitter On The Remote And The Receiver On The Device Being Controlled Would Be A Great Way To Maintain A Properly Working Remote.

2 - Can I Test A Remote Myself?

Yes, If It Is An Infrared Remote, Just Point The Remote At A Digital Camera With A Screen (A Cell Phone Camera With The Camera Facing Back At You Works Great), If The Remote Is Working Properly You Will See A Light Being Emitted From The Transmitter That The Human Eye Cannot Pick Up On.

3 - Why Do Some Buttons Work And Others Do Not?

Just Because Some Buttons Do Not Work May Not Necessarily Mean The Remote Is Defective. Some Remotes Require You To Hit The Device Button To Operate That Particular Device, Meaning, If You Are Trying To Control A TV Using A Blu-ray Remote, You May need To Hit The "TV" Button On The Remote To Control The TV And The Remote Will Probably Need To Be Programmed For That Function To Operate Properly, This Is Particularly True For Audio System Remote Controls.

4 - Should I Be Concerned About Battery Care?

Absolutely, It Is Best To Periodically Replace The Batteries Even If Remote Is Working Properly, Generally Every Year Should Be Sufficient And If You Are Not Planning On Using The Remote For An Extended Amount Of Time, REMOVE The Batteries. Corrosion Can Start Inside The Battery Compartment And Damage The Remote Beyond Repair.

5 - Do I Need To Program A Remote I Am Replacing?

Generally You Will Not Have To Program A Remote Control If It Is An Exact Replacement. Although, Cable Box, Universal, And Other Remotes Will Require Either Being Programmed Or Paired With Your Device. It Is always Best To Read The Owner's Manual For Proper Programming/Pairing.

6 - I Have To Replace My Remote, Should I Buy A Universal Remote Or Buy An Original?

That Is A Great Question, And The Answer Depends On You. We Do Suggest When Replacing A Remote Control, Buy An Original Replacement. Universal Remotes Are Great But May Not Control All The Functions The Original Remote Would.

7 - I Spilled Liquids On My Remote, What Do I Do?

Of Course, It Would Be Best Not To Have That Happen But The First Thing To Do Would Be To Wipe Down The Remote And Remove The Batteries Immediately Than Set The Remote On A Towel Or Paper Towel Overnight With The Buttons Down Allowing Any Liquid To Drain Out. There Is No Guarantees This Will Work But Is The Best You Can Do.