Panasonic EUR511151C Pre-Owned Factory Original TV Remote Control

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Compatible Models:
CT27SF23U, CT27SF36, CT31SF23, CT32G33W, CT27G33, PT51G53, PT61G53, CT27G23, CT27SF35W, CT32S20, PT61SX30, PT51SX60, CT32XF55, CT27G34A1, CT31SF13U, CT32SF37B, CT31SF13, CT36SF35, PT61G63, CT36G24, CT27G34UA, CT32SF37, PT61SX60, CT27G34A, CT27XF25C, CT27XF25, CT27623W, CT31SF23U, CT27SF25, CT36SF36, CT35G23, PT56SX30, PT61SX60A, PT51SX30, CT32SF37SB, CT32S20U, PT51SX30B, PT51SX60A, PT56SX30B, PT56SX30CB, CT27SF25W, CT27XF25CW, CT32SF36A, PT51G53W, CT27SF13U, CT35SF23, CT32G33, CT27S20U, CT32SF36, CT32623W, CT27624, PT51G63, CT36G23W, CT27G34CA, CT27XF13CU, CT27SF36A, CT36SF35W, CT32634A, CT36624, CT32XF35CW, CT36G34, CT32G23W, CT32SF35, CT27G33W, CT36G33, CT36SF37, CT32G23UW, CT27XF35CW, CT36XF35CW, CT35G23W, CT36G23, CT32SF35W, CT32G34A, CT27G23W
Brand: Panasonic
Model #: Panasonic EUR511151C
MPN: EUR511151C
Type: Television Remote Control
Compatible Brands: For Panasonic
Factory Original / Aftermarket: Factory Original
New / Pre-Owned: Pre-Owned
Color: Gray
Country Of Manufacture: Singapore
Required Batteries (Not Included): Two (2) AA
Features: Wireless, Back Lit Keypad
Battery Cover Present & Secure: Yes
Reference Number
Additional Reference Number
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm, For more information, go to
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